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Mustardseed Realms

Teresan Saga Starter Pack - Hardcover

Teresan Saga Starter Pack - Hardcover

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Jump into the Teresan Saga, a multi-series epic fantasy saga chronicling the adventures of heroes and villains across the world of Teresan. 

Join Stefan and Pol in Book 1 - Return of the Lost Ones - as they follow their dreams and navigate the first step of their destiny. Will Pol honor his legendary heritage? Will Stefan be lost forever to his lust for power?

Included in the bundle is the BlueSteel Series Prequel - Exile's Hope. After 200 years of training, Gossama has an opportunity to enter her ancestral home, but at what cost? Follow Gossama as she battles enemies, lost ones, and even a dragon for the chance to find the one thing she's never had - a home among her kind.

Only available here in Mariad, capture the discounted bundle that spawned an entire universe.


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