• Kilgry

    David Liberto has done an excellent job of building a world which draws you in from the first page.

  • Peter Chang

    Liberto unviels a new world that is both fresh and the embrace of a dear old friend. He tugs at my heartstrings, bringing me back to why I fell in love with fantasy when my world was young.

  • Kelly Pfister

    I enjoyed reading this book, and I enjoyed the author's writing style. I will be looking forward for the next book in the series as this first one was quite interesting.

    (Return of the Lost Ones)

Meet David Liberto

Creator, Author, and Founder of Mustardseed Realms

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Exile's Hope - Prequel

New Release

Banished for her father’s crimes. Exiled for the curse she bears. Gossama only wants one thing, a home among her people.

Betrayal, monsters, and a dragon await you in this exciting prequel.


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