Frequently Asked Questions

When is the hardcover going to be available?

As soon as some pesky formatting issues are resolved. The goal will be November 7th. The paperback version is available now for sale.

Why should I buy here instead of other online stores?

You're supporting Mustardseed Realms and David Liberto as 100% of the proceeds are received instead of 60%. This is why we can offer a discount here.

How long will it take to receive the book?

According to BookVault, the Print-On-Demand supplier, it will take at least 5 - 7 business days in the United States as the printer is based out of Ohio. Some locations may take longer. There's another printer in England for international sales.

What are the dimensions of the paperback and hardcover?

The paperback is 5 x 8 inches, and the hardcover is 6 x 9 inches. These dimensions were tested by David Liberto's children who pillage libraries and are voracious readers.

When is the next book going to be available?

February 2024 - can't wait!

Do you just offer books?

So glad you asked! Audiobooks are in also development. Also, when you read Return of the Lost Ones, there's a key (riddle) to find the video game we made to accompany the story. Go find it!

What is the difference between the BlueSteel Series and the Teresan Saga?

The Teresan Saga is a 13+ book planned epic fantasy saga that will be broken into multiple series. The BlueSteel Series is the first collection focusing on Pol and Stefan.