Meet David Liberto

David raises his hand, and his family quiets.

One by one, portals open behind each family member, and they gleefully jump through, eager to cause trouble. As the maniacal laughter spreads throughout the capitol city of Mariad, the Mustardseed Realms team members shake their heads, wondering what insanity will occur next.

The founder, David Liberto, has put years into the project to fulfill a dream of telling stories that his mother, father, wife, kids, friends, and God would enjoy and appreciate.

David lives with his wife and five children in the United States, where he battles lawn monsters every week, occasionally teleports to work, and volunteers in Church ministries during the day. At night, David continues to craft diabolical plans to take over the world through Mustardseed Realms.

You might find David's profile pic (PFP) on the MSR website and social media. The symbolism and lore contained within the image is enough to enough to fill a universe.

Thanks for reading!